The Cum Dilema

By | May 26, 2012

LegsFurther to my earlier post about whether a woman chooses to spit or swallow, or indulge in head at all, I think I ought to make a point. You really shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself.

So in the case of getting a mouth full of your own cum, would you? Snowballing is easy enough and if you’re in the right mood can be really horny. It’s not like it’s going to kill you.

For that matter I’m of the same opinion when it comes to anal sex. if you will not let your partner do it to you then why should you be miffed if they aren’t too keen on the idea. Men and women are built differently when it comes to anal. The woman doesn’t have a prostate gland and therefore not P Spot, so you might just find that you like it more than she does.

However anal aside and returning to oral sex … even if you don’t cum in her mouth do you give her as much oral as she gives you? If not why not? Personally I love to make Suze squirm with just my tongue. Oh well each to their own I suppose.