Sexy Bods

By | June 2, 2012

I regard myself as being a fan, no, connoisseur of the female form. Or if you prefer I know what I like and what turns me on. I’m not limited to a specific part of the female body to get my juices flowing.

However like most men I do find the shape of certain aspects of the female anatomy draw my eye more than others. One of the things I do like is a shapely arse. Not too small, not too large, just beautifully curved and begging to be touched, grasped and possibly spanked. Female curves are so seductive and I do like a woman with that feminine softness that you simply don’t find on a size zero girl.

A good ass is great when a woman is wearing a pair of jeans, a skirt or a swimsuit. The hidden can be more seductive than exposed flesh.

That’s why when I see porn I can be so disappointed. It’s not only that the girls tend to be on the small side, it’s because of what their fellow performers tend to do to a woman’s ass. I’m not talking about anal sex here but the grabbing, wobbling, kneading and stretching the cheeks apart that transforms what I see as a highly erotic part of the body into, well, I don’t know what.

Touching and caressing a woman’s soft-skinned buttocks is sensual and arousing, grabbing them cruelly, digging in your fingers and pulling at the fleshy mounds as hard as you can to expose her asshole doesn’t do it for me. Maybe after a while as foreplay progresses and the passion takes over you might feel that’s appropriate but some porn films (like the one we’ve just endured) sacrifices the sensuous for pointlessly rough sex and having the girls yanked around by their co-stars.

My objection is all about the progression from initial encounter through foreplay and one to intimate touching and sex. I don’t have to believe that the performers are really that into each other, it is porn after all, but there has to be some believable sequence of events that lead, one after the other, to a climax.

For example I don’t have a problem with BDSM and a little spanking or use of a riding crop. I enjoy using a crop on Suze when we have the time for some relaxed play. I like to see the impression my hand makes on her buttock when I’ve slapped her. These little pleasures add to our sex and in context, when we’re both receptive make sex so much more horny. So you see I’m not anti-rough sex and spanking/whipping/flogging.

Good porn can depict this sort of erotically charge ascent to sex and beyond making you want to watch, or even try it out yourself. Sadly directors get it wrong too often treating the girls as sex toys and the guys as cocks with mindless bodies; The body’s only purpose being to drive the cock in and out of the woman as fats and as hard a possible.

That’s not the sex I want to watch.