Rubbing Her Boobs On Me

By | October 3, 2008

Just to explain for all those newcomers to the site. I work with two other girls Horny and Busty. Her name says it all, she is blonde, good looking and yes, stacked. This girl can wear the cup of her bra as a hat and she once did at work. Just giving you some visuals there. 😉

Since my early days I have had a bit of a thing for her. She is witty, intillegent and despite the fact I don’t normally go for blondes, just my type.

I sit to one side of her at work, not quite close enough to make physical contact but close enough to be able to view her ample boobage when she wears her low cut tops. Which just reminds me, her top was lower than normal today because the v-neck was trimmed deeply with lace.

She looked good enough to lick. I must stop myself there or I won’t get this post finished before I have to dash off and well…entertain myself. 😉

After a morning of letching over her silently from my chair it was nice to be able to get up close with her. I found myself floundering with the new software and she offered to come across to me and help.

Instead of sitting to the side of me on my desk she actually leaned in from the side towards my screen so she could see. This meant that I had her left breast pushing in to top of my arm and my own right breast.

I could feel her warmth and the pressure of her flesh on mine. She was explaining how the system worked and I’m afraid it was going in one ear and out the other. I just couldn’t concentrate with her pressing down on me like that.

At one point I was so busy trying to suppress my excitement betraying me in my rapid breathing that I took to holding my breath and became slightly dizzy. This girl does something to me I can’t describe. It was like I had passed out momentarily and then I could hear her voice in my right ear and I started to refocus on what I was doing.

You know I have a sneaking suspicion that I may get stuck again tomorrow. 😉