Pushing The Boundaries Of Sex

By | October 3, 2008

AlexSuzeI’ve had to ask myself a question recently, one that’s never been an issue before now. “How dark should I make a story?” I’ve pushed the boundaries before with drug taking, coercion and other themes, but with the extreme Japan stories I posted I described an individual with homicidal tendencies in a sexual situation.

That sort of scenario is one which disturbs me. I don’t want to encourage violence of any kind, especially in a sexual context. Looking back at the erotic stories I have written that do have dark themes they have one or more redeeming features.

Firstly the victims tend to be the men. The only time women become victims in my stories are if they have chosen that path. Whenever men try to impose their wills on my female characters it is the men that come off worst.

My female characters are strong and very often in charge. This isn’t a plea to be dominated by powerful women, but because I take great pleasure in seeing anyone who is traditionally the underdog defy those who would keep them down. In my stories I see a male dominated society being shaken and turned upside down by women who will not be discriminated against.

My female characters know what they want and are capable of handling themselves. They do not sacrifice their femininity or sexuality, but don’t let a broken nail get in the way of getting what they want.

All of the above have been unconscious decisions on my part, taken as I have formulated my narratives. I feel uncomfortable being thought of as a “new man”, almost as uncomfortable as I would have felt if the women in my stories had simply “existed” for the gratification of men.

The exception to all of the above is the occasional, purely pornographic story, where the aim is sexual arousal not erotic stimulation.

So, all that said, I shall be writing more in the extreme Japan series. I hope you’ll enjoy it.