The Big Wet Shower Of Cum

By | June 12, 2012

Squirting GirlTonight without any formalities or verbal communication we slipped off to the bedroom from the office next door.  We both knew from the mutual look in our eyes that we…wanted it.

We were already semi naked in our night attire and so jumped on to the bed without any need to undress.  Alex was straight there licking and sucking at my clitoris before my back had time to settle in to the soft mattress.

He is so good with his tongue, a master of cunnilingus that he soon has me bucking against his face wanting him deeper inside me.  I ran my fingers through his hair as I pulled his mouth closer to me, mindful not to restrict his breathing as I pushed my pussy in to his face.

Moments later he’s pushing between my legs, taking one over each arm and pushing his hard cock inside my moist hole.  It feels good to have him inside me and I moan my delight as I place my hands on his shoulders.  I can just make out his nipples in the fading light and reach for each one, playfully tweaking.  He moans and fucks me with added vigour.

I’m wet.  Wetter than usual, I can feel the coolness of my fluids as they coat my mons and inner thighs and Alex has noticed too.  He stops and flips me on to my side, pushing between my thighs.  I place one of my legs over his bent knee behind him and the other bent at the side of him.  The constriction of movement and the visual of my breast bouncing under my short shoestring strapped t-shirt made me exceptionally aroused.

I reached in to my t-shirt and lifted my full and heavy breast free of my clothing.  The nipple was standing firm and proud as I pinched it and rolled it between my thumb and index finger.  This didn’t go un-noticed and Alex bent over me mid fuck and took my nipple in his mouth.

He sucked hard for a moment and then gave me a gentle bite as he let go his lips.  Again I moaned, way back in my throat.  That nipple was pulsing in perfect time with my pussy.  I was so wet.

Alex was fucking me deep and hard and I pushed my hand between us to feel his hard cock moving in and out of me.  I was…so wet.

I felt the urge to take something inside my ass but the only thing immediately to hand was my finger.  “Fuck me harder”, I demanded of Alex.  He banged me so hard that his hip bones penetrated my buttocks.  He was hitting the spot and I was being seduced by the over whelming euphoria of orgasm.

Putting my middle left finger in to my mouth I ensured I applied a liberal coating of saliva.  Then I moved my hand down behind me towards my asshole.  My finger slipped down the groove of my buttocks for guidance and over my anus.

I was pouting.  My external sphincter muscles had relaxed slightly, leaving me invitingly open.  My finger slipped in with ease and up to the second knuckle.  It felt good to be pseudo DP’d and I started to wiggle my finger, massaging my asshole.

A few movements of my left digit and I could feel myself being transported in to another world.  I started to finger fuck my hole, massaging my entrance in time with Alex’s strokes.  In fact I could feel him through the thin tissue of my colon.

The contractions started and then I could feel the wetness.  My thighs, pussy and the front of Alex were coated in my ejaculate.  We were soaking, as was the mattress below me.  I had squirted, I don’t know how much fluid came out of me but it was enough to wet us through.

I was now panting and moaning in the hazy afterglow of my climax and Alex was just about to release his seed in to me.  The tell tale nuances were present, then finally his head thrust back he pushed for the final time and juddered as he shot his load in to me.

Wow!  That was so good…