Wanking Is Good For You

By | June 19, 2012

BenedictI wasn’t going to get wrapped up in this year’s Big Brother but I’ve slowly been pulled in to watching it.  As the show is now only televised in small 1 hour long shows it’s not that difficult to keep up with what’s going on without having to spend hours watching it.

There are a few characters which stand out as potential nominations to leave and one character in particular has amused me no end in this evening’s show.


He’s a treasure and makes great viewing.  Last night’s subject was wanking and making it PC to talk about it.  He has openly admitted to having a wank in the shower and then cleaning up after himself.  But for some reason the kids in there seem to have taken exception to his behaviour and the fact that he used it as an example of how reluctant people are to talk about sex and sexuality.

Well he certainly made his point and I for one was quite shocked at the attitude from the girls in there with their giggling and narrow minded opinions on masturbation.

He has made himself a target for nominations this week but I hope that he stays because he made me laugh in tonight’s show, it’s now up to the public to vote.

Maybe Big Brother wasn’t the right place to try and raise awareness but he did have appoint that this country has one of the highest teenage pregnancy and STD rates in Europe.

Keep him in and I’m sure there is more fun to be had.  🙂