Johnny Thrust Bukkake Heist

By | October 4, 2008

My favourite news story today has been that a porn shoot in Van Nuys California was held up by an armed robber. As most of the people there would have very few clothes on and therefore nowhere to keep their wallets you might think that was a bit silly. However this robber had some inside information.

The Shoot, organised by Johnny Thrust, was for a 50 guy bukkake shoot (no pun intended). Apparently they pay the participants $75-a-pop, literally. That meant that there was $3750 on-set at the time.

While everyone was watching the female performer posing for the DVD box cover stills the robber walked in, threatened the guy with the cash box (who was outside the studio in another room) with a handgun and made off with the money.

The studio think it was an inside job, unlike the bukkake of course, because the robber knew when the cast and crew would be otherwise engaged. They figure the inside man texted his accomplice to indicate the exact moment he should burst in.

The studio are offering a reward of $1000 for information leading to the conviction of the perps.