Hot Sex For Me Please

By | June 26, 2012

AssHe pulled off my t-shirt and pushed me on to the bed.  With legs still hanging over the side he parted me and pushed between me his breath hot against my neck as he leaned in to say “you want it?”.  I love it when he talks this way, it makes the hairs stand up on my arms, the back of my neck…goosebumps appear on clammy flesh.

I’m not in to pain but the domination side awakens the whore in me, makes me randy as fuck.

I pulled myself on to the bed, naked, breathing shallow but rapid, heart beat tachycardic…expectant.  He walked around the bed and slipped in beside me.  Pulling the cover off my naked body he moved downwards and between my legs, parting me with his elbows.

He started to feed upon my pudenda, licking, kissing and sucking on my labia and clitoris.  My pussy engorging, reacting to his ministrations.  I moaned, quite loudly, vocalising my appreciation of his ability to take me to the edge with his tongue.  I gently held his head to my cunt with a firm hand against the nape of his neck.

I caught sight of his cock hardening and swaying in the air between his legs and just had to taste him.  wriggling over to the other side of the bed I tapped his leg so he could raise it, allowing me to lay between his legs.  Grasping his now semi erect cock in my hand I pulled him towards my mouth, guiding him inside the moist cavern.

He moaned as I clamped my mouth firmly over his erect cock and started to run my tongue around his frenulum.  My right hand started to work his foreskin back and forth as I sucked at his turgid member.  I gagged slightly as my enthusiasm to devour him took over and a tear ran from the corner of my right eye.

Alex was now lapping at my pussy like a cat that got the cream and I hadn’t noticed but my hips were bucking as I fucked his tongue.  Fuck this was good.  My juices flooded his mouth as I tasted his pre cum on the tip of my tongue.

He started to finger fuck me, fingers curled working my g-spot…I could feel myself close to squirting and wetting the bedsheet and I think he sensed that and backed off because we hadn’t covered the bed with our “fuck towel”.

I rolled over on to my side waiting for his hard cock to penetrate me.  Alex pushed my legs apart and entered me from behind and started to fuck me slow but deep.  It wasn’t long before I was cuming again and I reached behind me, taking his balls in my hand and gently pulling them.  His vocal appreciation assured me and I formed a ring around the base of his cock as he fucked me, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock moving in and out of me.

Eager to take every pleasure from the moment I placed my middle left finger over my asshole and savoured the relaxed, receptive state I was in.  My sphincter was now open, almost pouting and I wet my finger and pushed inside feeling Alex fucking me both digitally and internally.  A strange feeling but very pleasurable at the same time.

As I pushed my finger deeper inside me I could feel Alex’s cock mere millimetres away from me, working in and out.  This felt good…too good and he was starting to get off on it too I could tell.  😉  “Do you want your butt plug?  He asked and I nodded in the affirmative.

He managed to stay inside me whilst retrieving my butt plug from my draw and some lubricant and then lubed up that plug pushing it gently inside me.  It felt like I was being fucked in both holes and I gasped as the plug slipped in to place.  I was enjoying being fucked and plugged so much that Alex had to keep pushing the plug back in to me.

I could tell from Alex’s vocalisations that he was close to coming and I was enjoying being DP’d.  Moments later his fucking slowed down as he shot his come deep inside me and I came to a breathless conclusion too.

Next time I want him to shoot his load inside my ass.  😉