Three In A Bed

By | June 25, 2012

Jana CovaI was reminded reminded just now of something Suze once said to me.

It was about that very friend, the one Suze fancied. We were lying in bed one night, post-coitus and Suze said, out of nowhere “I wouldn’t mind if you slept with xxxxx.”

I was a little amazed. Yes Suze knew I found her friend attractive, very attractive. I’d never made any secret of that and it would have been stupid to do so, she was a very attractive woman. I don’t remember saying I would like to sleep with her but the appreciative comments I had made about her were more than enough to indicate that I would, I suppose. Well I would have slept with her given half a chance.

So when Suze just blurted it out I was not at all prepared and didn’t quite know what to say next. I asked her to repeat what she had just said and she did, going on to explain that she trusted her friend and was so close that it would be like sharing me with her rather than me being unfaithful.

I surmised she would have wanted to watch if not join in too, so I don’t think the offer was entirely selfless and said as much.

On the contrary Suze said that if the eventuality ever did occur she would leave it to me if she, Suze, was there or not. Suze simply said that she trusted us both.

That took a while to sink in. The implications of Suze’s attitude for my relationship with her friend, our relationship as a couple and the dynamic between the three of us.

Of course once the shock had worn off and with Suze warm body curled up next to mine the various scenarios that might ensue filled my head we were soon making love again, fuelled maybe by a few mutually agreeable fantasies. LOL.

Alas, although it would make a great post the ménage a trios never actually happened and as the friend moved to Germany several years ago it probably never will.