Gainfully Employed In The Sex Industry

By | July 4, 2012


It’s often difficult to predict how your life will develop and through the course of my time on the planet I’ve often been buffeted by wind that at the time were unwelcome but have put me on a new course that I’ve later realised was far better than that which I’d set myself.

I don’t like feeling I’m not master of my own destiny so when something happens and forces me away from what I wanted to do I of course resent it. Getting into the adult industry wasn’t like that. It began when we started this blog and slowly evolved over the past six or seven years, eventually becoming a full time job for Suze (over on Sex Toys Buzz) and involving us in the sex toy and porn industry across the US and Europe.

People often ask how they can get into doing what we do. Well it’s actually very simple.

Work bloody hard!

Funny because that applies to most things in life but in a world where Google has all the answers, YouTube has all the music and Amamzaon has all the consumer goods you needs fulfilment is only a few clicks away – a fact that makes many people forget how much effort goes in to making this “free” thing called the web happen.

It’s nice therefore when you get a little recognition. It can be a thank you in a comment, a nice email or as we had recently our second ETO Award. That gives us real satisfaction and makes us really grateful that someone noticed.

What keeps us smiling however is the pile of filthy DVDs, sex toys and adult magazines that now make it virtually impossible to guarantee that a surprise visitor to the house will not come across something, erm interesting. It serves to underline how far we’ve come partly through necessity and partly through our perseverance at pushing open doors and making people take notice of what we can do.