Tight Pussy

By | October 4, 2008

AlexSuzeI have written here before about the importance of toilet tissue. We have a roll of it in almost every room in the house.

Did you just ask me why?

Well I’ll tell you. It is excellent for folding in to a post fuck pussy bung. I usually roll off about 6 sheets, fold them double and double again and hey presto! This avoids all the post-coital drips which can occur as you make your way to the bathroom.

It also means that you can laze around in that post orgasmic afterglow without worrying about staining the sheets. When your cum padÔ is in place you need not worry about things like that.

Although if you leave the cum pad in place too long it can stick to your pussy lips and is a real bugger to get off. It involves plenty of water and a sensitive touch to roll the wet toilet tissue form your pink lips.

Earlier in the evening we had been fucking whilst watching some porn and after Alex had spewed his seed inside me we lay back to catch our breaths and come down. He turned the DVD back on so we could continue to watch the scene we had been watching as we lay there.

We both watched it through to completion and the unimaginative bukkake shot and then headed off for the bathroom. As I walked out of the bedroom and across the landing I removed the toilet tissue and screwed it in to a ball.

As I threw the tissue in to the toilet bowl I realised that my clit felt really tight and dry. Unusual because we had just screwed and normally it is moist. I walked over to Alex who was wringing out the face cloth ready to wipe me clean. My pussy felt so taught, like I had applied a face pack to it.

I told Alex it felt tight and uncomfortable and he dropped to his knees, spread my legs and after a little prodding and poking emerged from between my legs with a piece of toilet tissue welded to his middle finger.

So, heed this warning…don’t leave your cum pad in place for too long or it will stick to you. 😉