Blow Jobs All Round

By | July 14, 2012

Ready For A Blow JobThere are some things that each of us never tires of. It varies from person to person but there are some common threads, especially for men. We are such simple creatures. LOL

One of them is blowjobs, show me a man who’s tired of blowjobs and I’ll show you someone who’s tired of life. Well actually I’m tired of blowjobs. Not that I don’t like blowjobs and I have a very skilled and enthusiastic partner when it comes to fellatio.

What I don’t like is just having blowjobs. The sensation is great and cumming as a result of one is one of the many and varied experiences that form part of that rich tapestry that we call sex. Just not all the time thank you.

Variety is the spice of life and sex. Constant BJs do get tiresome, especially if there’s nothing else on offer. Even a hand job or tit wank will break things up a bit if full-on sex isn’t an option. Girls, just because they show incredibly long BJs in porn movies doesn’t mean that’s what all guys want all the time.

And the driving fast and blowing shit up? Well I can’t advocate driving fast on public roads. It’s illegal, dangerous and very wrong – in a computer game it’s different. Same for blowing shit up. I find nothing more relaxing than turning on the Playstation, picking from an array of ludicrously powerful weapons and blowing up stuff.

Like I said, we men have simple tastes.