Arriving At The Castle Of Porn

By | July 20, 2012

Frankie And Ian TateThere was a slight drizzle in the air as we drove up the long driveway to the castle.  It was an impressive Victorian building with turrets and all the character you would expect from a Scottish castle.

We parked the car and went up to the main door.  A handwritten sign was placed in the corner of the glass indicating that the residence was private and there was no unauthorised access.

This must be the right place I thought as my hand turned the door handle pushing it open in to a wooden panelled hallway with a spiral staircase to the side.  As I ascended the stairs, slowly winding up on to the next floor I could hear the distant sounds of people chatting.

None of the voices were recognisable as we passed the first open doorway which appeared to be an informal dining room.  Then a small corridor which lead under a splendid wooden staircase.

I was just admiring the architecture when a familiar face appeared to the right of the stairs.  It was Danny D looking resplendent in a white shirt, bow tie and full Scottish kilt complete with sporran.

Having met him once before on a shoot a few months ago he recognised me and also remembered that I had asked him to show me his renowned party trick…The Helicopter.  No sooner had I said hello than he lifted up his kilt to reveal an amazingly large semi flaccid cock which almost touched his knees.  Lol

The came the performance I had been waiting for as he started to spin his cock round in his hands.  My eyes opened in amazement as he seemed to get bigger and bigger with each rotation.  If I hadn’t been so stunned I would have captured the moment on video for you but you will have to wait, I’m sure I will get to witness this amazing performance again.  😉

Formalities over we made our way down the hallway…

At the far end of the corridor I could see a flash gun going off and I made my way in to the room to see Frankie dress or should I say semi naked with George Uhl and Ian Tate either side of her dressed in kilts.

This set of stills appeared to be hardcore as both George and Ian stood to either side of a spreadeagled Frankie, wanking away merily between shots.  Lol  I had met George on a previous shoot but it was the first time I had met Ian and I wasn’t about to shake his hand at this point.

Being the pro that I am I quickly hunted for my camera in my handbag and stared snapping away as the guys did their thing and Frankie looked as if she enjoyed it.  The start of things to cum…