The Great Porn Outdoors

By | July 23, 2012

Cheeky CameraI could smell something tasty wafting around and followed my nose to the kitchen via the informal dining area to be greeted by the shoot’s chef and the visitors.

Having been on the road for more than 4 hours and it being mid afternoon we decided to eat before continuing with the naughtiness.  We both enjoyed a curry with rice in the company of Danny D and Frankie.  This is what you can expect when you take up one of their Porn Vacations, not only do you get to see porn happen but you also get to watch the stars being made up, eat with them, take stills of them and finally shoot porn with them.  😉

Today they were doing outdoor filming for the opening hen night scene featuring Sophia Knight, Jess West, Samantha Bentley and Shay Hendrix and we convened in the grounds of the castle to shoot the meeting and greeting scene.

Action!  Was called as we strode up the driveway and the three girls made their way to the doors of the castle to be greeted by Sophia.  All of us were slightly distracted by the midges that were now hungry with voracious appetites as they penetrated our flesh.

I got some good shots of the girls walking up the driveway which you will see later in the galleries.  Once that scene was in the bag we all moved back in to the house for some dirty stills.

The girls congregated in the living room for some great lesbian action and it wasn’t long before Sophia’s jodhpur’s were strewn to the floor as the girls got down to some licking and flicking fun for the cameras.

Both Alex and I got some great shots as did the guests when these girls got really naughty only feet from our faces.  You can take as many pics for your own use as you like on these trips as long as you don’t get in the way of the professional tog on the shoot.

Soon after the stills were shot the filming began and everyone had to remain quiet whilst the shooting was taking place.  No flash photography or shutters or zooming noises are permitted during filming.  I was lucky because my compact camera is almost silent in use which allows me to take shots during the action.

It was so horny watching the girls lazing it up so close to me and being bisexual made it even more horny for me.  😉  Yes, it’s a shoot but these girls really do appear to enjoy their work and it becomes quite apparent when watching them.

I’m sure the guys were just as turned on as I was watching Shay dominating Sophia with the assistance of Sam Bentley.  Purrfect!