Hot Bedroom Action

By | July 28, 2012

Kristina CrystalisThe next day when we arrived for the shoot the girls were still in makeup downstairs so we made our way down the quaint spiral staircase to see what was going on.

When we got there the girls had been made up by the professional makeup artist and dressed in their chosen lingerie all except for Hannah Shaw who asked for my opinion on her attire for the shoot.

Jointly we selected a sexy purple bra and pants set with heels to match.  She looked hot to trot as she made her way up to the first floor bedroom.

We climbed the regal looking oak staircase to be greeted by Gazzman and his assistant inside the large double bedroom.

The girls were already poised on the bed ready for action dressed in very arousing lingerie.  Chloe Kane and Jess West were joined by Hannah Shaw and it was lights, camera, action as we all surrounded the bed for some close up shots.

With three girls all dressed in very naughty lingerie it was hard to decide who to focus on first.  😉

Minutes later it was “Action” and the girls started to play with each other.  Lots of tonguing, finger fucking, toy action, moaning and groaning unfolded before us on the large four poster bed which squeaked with the girl on girl action taking place on it.

If I had a cock I’m sure it would have been standing to attention but being a girl I have to confess that the gusset in my pants must have been quite moist as I watched these girls getting down and dirty right before my eyes.

This is unlike any other porn experience I have had, magazines and DVD’s don’t come close to being so close you can almost touch it and smell it!  Although you aren’t part of the scene you feel as if you are only slightly removed from it.

I managed to get some shots of the girls between filming and they were a complete tangle of legs, tits and ass nothing like witnessing it first hand.

Unlike boy/girl scenes it’s difficult to see the “come shots” with girls but you could sense the satisfaction in the room.  😉

There was just one problem…I wasn’t in the scene.  lol