Lezzing It Up On The Four Poster

By | August 1, 2012

Lezzing It Up On The Four PosterWe hurriedly grabbed a plate of spag bol from the kitchen and sat to eat in the company of Danny D, Shay Hendrix and the other guys on their Porn Film Vacation.  It’s nice to sit down and chat informally with the other guests and stars of the show and that’s what you can do when on one of these shoots.

As soon as we were finished and the plates rinsed and tidied Alex and I went in search of the next shoot location.  It turned out to be in one of the bedrooms upstairs and the room was being prepared as we arrived.

It’s great to see what goes on behind the scenes with lighting and sound checks, I was asked to briefly lay on the bed to get focus.  If I had know that I was soon to be joined by a trio of lovlies I would have stayed there.  Lol

Alex and I got the chance to quickly speak to Gazzman before the shoot, he’s a busy guy and you have to take the opportunity whilst you can.  The girls were still in makeup as we waited and when they appeared it was worth the wait as you  can  see from the shot above.

Shay Hendrix, Chloe Kane and Jess West made their appearances and positioned themselves on the bed.  They were given a brief direction by Gazzman and then it was lights, camera, action.

What unfurled before us was a girl on girl on girl scene with no holds barred and we were only feet away.  We watched wide eyed as the girls got to work on each other with mouths, tongues and fingers.

At times they appeared to be a mass of legs and arms as they pleasured each other.  I managed to fit in a few camera shots between the shooting.  As long as you are mindful of the filming process you can grab the odd snap.

Once the warm up was over the toys came out and OMG!  How I would have loved to be part of the action.

Jess had a rather nice bra and pants set which had zip up cups to reveal her pert boobs.  I believe it’s by Agent Provocateur if you want one.  The reason I mentioned this is because I got to zip her back in after the shoot.  Not something you get to do every day.

The filming went through without any hitches and it was interesting standing watching the action live whilst knowing that in a few weeks I will be able to watch the production and review it for a second time when my copy is sent to me by Harmony Films.

I love my job…  😉