Hairy Pussy

By | October 5, 2008

AlexSuzeIf you don’t already know this from my past HNT’s or the images in the gallery, I am a long haired redhead. Not my choice, Alex loves long hair. I find that short hair is far more practical for me, less time to wash and dry and it doesn’t get in the way when you are felating your guy. 😉

But I have to admit when I’m bouncing up and down on Alex its good to feel my hair bouncing in rhythm and crashing, thrashing down on the flesh of my back. And to be able to flick my head sideways and have it fly over my shoulder.

It’s also arousing to look back over my shoulder as he fucks me doggy style, through a fine veil of my hair hanging over my face, kind of wanton and lustful. I also like to drag my hair over Alex’s chest and stomach just before I descend and take his cock in to my mouth.

However, long locks can cause a problem. They can get stuck between you crack when you shower. Alex usually finds them when he goes down on me, one minute he is licking my slit and flicking my clit and the next he is running his finger around my slit trying to catch the stray hair.

And very occasionally we can be fucking when he will stop to remove a hair. It’s amazing how I can sense it! It feels like something is dragging over your pussy.