Big Boobs – No Problem

By | October 5, 2008

I have to admit to never having been a fan of Katie Price aka Jordan but the exposure she has received over here in her television show and her behind the scenes documentary about their home lives, I have warmed to her.

But most surprising of all I have found myself liking Peter even more. He comes across as a really nice, genuine and caring kind of guy and he obviously worships Katie. When he was in the charts a few years ago I didn’t really like him at all, he came across as being shallow and dim.

I’m not sure if that was the image the media portrayed of him at the time or if he has grown since then. Today he seems like the kind of guy you could go down the pub with and have a really good laugh.

Peter was on BBC television news this week being interviewed about his life and life with Katie in particular. It was put to him, how did he cope with Katie constantly going under the knife and did she consult him about her operations before hand.

His reply was a rather surprising “No”. He then backed that up with “would you consult your husband before buying a handbag?”.

And I suppose he has a point. However it would worry me that I would not know who to expect to walk through the front door when she returned. Would she still be recognisable!

Hats off to Peter he is a very tolerant and accepting guy.

Maybe he had a point when he made the record Mysterious Girl. They don’t come much more mysterious than Katie. 🙂

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