Suze And Gigi Get It On

By | October 5, 2008

Lelo Gigi ReviewSuze has just reviewed the Lelo Gigi over on Sex Toys Buzz. It’s a beautiful looking toy, designed specifically to act as a G-Spot stimulator. She enjoyed it quite a lot, read the review if you don’t believe me LOL.

The G-Spot is one of those things, like the clitoris, that you can only truly understand when you’ve “experienced” it. For a woman that’s about self exploration, but for a guy it can be quite baffling.

There’s the old set of cliches about men not being able to find the clitoris even if they have a map. The G-Spot is even more difficult because you have to find it by touch and it often takes a while when you first start looking for it. So a patient partner is called for.

That’s all part of the fun of course. The anticipation and the exploration mean the eventual result is even more prized.

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