Big Heavy Cock

By | September 8, 2012

Ian Frankie GeorgeDoes every guy have this feeling? I’d be glad if you’d enlighten me.

I was taking a pee earlier today and I became acutely aware of the weight of my cock. It wasn’t that I was hard but for some reason, perhaps because I’d just finished work and was therefore feeling more relaxed than I had done for the previous five days, it seemed very turgid and full of blood. The warmth and weight of it in my hand and then against my thigh was both comforting and very sensuous at the same time.

It’s a strange feeling because it’s not something that that I’d usually discuss with other guys – except on this blog. And it’s almost impossible to describe to a woman who, after all is not equipped with the same appendage. I mean, it would be like trying to discuss how it feels to have a clitoris with a guy.

It’s one of the many aspects of having a penis that makes you a man and it’s not just the physical reality of having it hang between your legs. Some men cannot leave their cocks alone and are often seen cradling it in their hands. I’m not one of those men but when I do notice that the little fella’s happy it is very, well as I said before, comforting.

At the time Suze wasn’t around otherwise I would have let her feel the weight, she wouldn’t have taken much persuading.

So, what do you think? Is it just me or does every guy get a nice heavy comfort cock from time to time?