Seeing Her Squirt

By | October 6, 2008

Life evolves over time and by life, I mean sex life. Not that other aspects of life don’t develop, but this is so you didn’t come here to read about how I’ve devised a new way of knitting did you.

I got thinking about how at one point in your sex life some things are really “of the moment”. You want to keep doing them, then after a while you move on, do them less and concentrate on other areas. One such part of our physical relationship is “Squirting” or “Female Ejaculation”. We indulge in it very occasionally now, in fact it’s so long since Suze drenched my hand like that that I can’t remember when it was.

But there you go, the rich tapestry that is our physical relationship is constantly being rewoven. Which is a round-about way of introducing the following that I’d almost forgotten I wrote last year. This is not about some crap from a porn site or DVD, no this is from actual experience of Female Ejaculation. There’s no fountains of fluid drenching the room, that’s just the sort of stuff peddled by porn producers in their efforts to make their product more extreme than the next guy.

But it can get wet and always gets wild 🙂 . Enjoy.


I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time. It describes a much misunderstood, and to some totally unknown, phenomenon. Female ejaculation.

I’m not talking about cumming here, or gushing with vaginal fluid. A dripping pussy is something that most women have experienced for themselves and men have in their partners. No this is different, not the warm silky feeling of a woman’s sex ready to be filled, but a torrent of a different kind.

Some women, and some men for that matter, find FE distasteful. Perhaps because it is only just becoming widely known, too often in the past being mistaken for peeing.

Now I am no sexual expert, no authority on this, so I can just impart my experience and understanding of the subject.

A few basics …

  1. FE is not peeing.
  2. I believe every woman can ejaculate.
  3. FE fluid is not the same as normal vaginal secretions.

That in mind, if you want to try to get your female partner to ejaculate here’s a checklist.

  1. Towels, lots of towels and then some more towels. The fluid produced is watery and needs to be mopped up. It also splashes around a lot while you are stimulating your partner.
  2. Get warm and relaxed.
  3. Don’t try too hard. I think it’s linked with the orientation of the woman’s anatomy. If she’s tense things move out of reach and it just will not happen.
  4. Choose your strongest hand. Until you get your technique right this may take some time so you’ll need stamina in those fingers.
  5. Ensure your fingers are well lubed. I’ll leave the choice of lube to you 😉

Insert two fingers into your partner’s pussy, palm flat to her mound, resting on her clit. This has no effect on the stimulation/ejaculation, I’m just making sure you get the orientation right.

Which two fingers? I hear you ask. I find the middle and ring fingers are best giving the greatest penetration and just enough to reach your prize.

Slide the fingers in and bend them slightly back towards your palm until they just start to hook round the pubic bone.

You feel a raised structure, with two long indentations, one each side of it. This is the paraurethral gland it is what produces the ejaculate, which apparently is similar to male ejaculate from the prostate.

Here is where you massage.

Sometimes the pleasurable effect on the woman can be instant. Sometimes it takes a while to build up.

The first time you do this you may fail, and the second and third …

But persevere. It’s worth it for you both. Change your orientation to your partner and hers too, my experience tells me that anatomy plays a big part in this. You should try laying down, standing, doggy, sitting, but do experiment.

You’ll both know when you’ve found the spot. She will experience a feeling like she wants to pee urgently. This is where the relaxation will help. If she’s nervous about wetting herself, she should pee before you start. She isn’t going to pee it just feels like it.

Now keep stimulating. Depending on the woman, her mood and which point in her cycle she’s at you’ll have to adjust the firmness and speed of the stimulation. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you watch your woman you’ll see what works and hear it in her moans.

When she does start to ejaculate you’ll feel your hand flooded in hot nectar. Sometimes it’ll be almost colourless other times, cloudy. It can have a musky smell, but often has no smell at all.

Once you’ve achieved it you may or may not want to do it again. I’m sure some couples will not enjoy it. But we do, a lot.

When should you try again? We tend to do it once in any one day. You may want to try more often, but for us that’s it. Any more and in our case it seems the well has run dry so to speak.

When you’re adept at the technique you can make your lady squirt until she can squirt no more. You can bring her to a climax and down again by adjusting the stimulation. With care you can watch her surf the wave of pleasure for ten or twenty seconds before bringing her to climax and letting her excitement ebb again.

We find that if you can do this two things happen. Firstly the sensation becomes increasingly intense and eventually overwhelming with each climax. And secondly you eventually cannot stimulate her anymore as her pussy contracts onto your fingers so hard you can’t move. Indeed it can be difficult to remove them.

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