Working Out With Sam

By | September 24, 2012

Cute Gym BlondeOn my last visit to gym I asked to speak to a personal trainer about how I do my sit-ups.  I had started to get lower back ache lately, something I had improved with my regular trips to gym.  The reason I questioned how I was doing them was due to watching a guy on Dragons’ Den the previous week who said that not having support under your lower back whilst doing sit-ups could cause back problems.

Could he be right?

After all I was taught how to do sit-ups back in the early 90’s and techniques could have changed.  Anyway to cut a long story short the girl on the desk went in to the back office and materialised with a rather nice blonde PT.

She followed me to the floor exercise area to watch my technique.  😉  After I had shown her how I do them she advised me on a more back friendly approach and said she would see me on my next visit to go through some exercises.

So tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with her and going through my paces.  That is if I can concentrate, she is gorgeous…but a little young for me…or is she?  😉