Creaming Over Your Pubes

By | September 30, 2012

Sam Shay SophiaI just finished reading an article in the Daily Mail which both tickled me and brought back memories.

Alex and I like to keep our bush nicely trimmed and when we first started I used Imac cream on myself and we decided that it would be good to totally remove Alex’s pubes with it too.

All I can say is never again, once was enough.  He reacted to the cream when it had barely been on a few minutes but persisted with it all in the name of vanity and being experimental.  Lol

And when I eventually scraped off the cream after the given time he had come up in a horrible irritated red rash.  From that day on I have always shaved him to a smooth baby soft finish.

The reason for my amusement was that the post in the paper related to guys using the new Veet For Men Gel Cream for clearing the hair from their nether regions.  Despite the cream being advised for use on the arms, chest, back, legs and underarms guys are using it on their genitals with some dramatic effects.

You can read all about it here.