Porn, The Directors Cut

By | October 6, 2008

Porn movies come in all flavours, from the softcore to the hardcore, from vanilla to the most specialist of BDSM. Within this wide spectrum there is also a huge variation in the performers, standard of direction, production and quality of recording.

While grainy, scratchy prints maybe evoke a little nostalgia I must say that I do appreciate good high quality video. Since the advent of DVDs and the virtual death of VHS I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to picture quality. On VHS you had to accept audio tracks that were almost inaudible because of copy errors and wear on the edge of the tapes. The image quality degraded so quickly that watching porn often exercised the imagination as much as your wanking arm as you tried and fill in the missing grainy pictures, caused by degraded sections in the film.

This is why it is doubly disappointing when you’re watching an adult movie in high quality video which is then marred by bad editing. I’ll not go into too much detail here because I’ll be reviewing the DVD in its totality when we’ve watched it all. But, here’s the deal. The movie is in high quality video. The performers are all very presentable, some very horny. The lighting and sound are very good, in most cases excellent.

The problem is the editing.

We’re only about half way through the DVD, but there have already been three occasions where the directors voice has interrupted the proceedings, instructing the performers on their next move/position.


All I can assume is that the DVD was edited with little attention paid to the audio. There is no reason why the offending off-camera voice could not have been masked with a section of the audio track lifted from somewhere else in the shoot. In one particular case the female performer was constantly breathing through her teeth in that rather irritating porn way and therefore gave ample opportunity for the editor to do this.

All that was required was that someone sit and watch the movie from start to finish before the master was created.

As I said, you can read the full review soon on Sex Toys Buzz, but it’s another one of those films where you feel a little more attention to detail would have turned a good film into a great one.

We know only too well that you don’t get it right first time and editing is always required. See the outtakes at the end of this video that Suze made a few days ago for the Lelo Mia.

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