eroFame The Morning Of Day 1 Proper

By | October 21, 2012

Cal Ex Jopen TeamThe reason I say proper is because on the Thursday morning we were up bright and early, showered and down for breakfast.  The menu in the annex block we were housed in was limited, with hot food being restricted to omelettes with as much in them as you like.

I say we were up “bright”, that didn’t really apply to me because our room wasn’t air conditioned and was uncontrollably hot.  The only option to air the room by opening the window and that wasn’t an option as the room faced out on to a busy dual carriageway.

Following a hearty breakfast Alex and I asked to be moved to a quieter and cooler room and without any fuss they hotel despite being full offered and alternative room which turned out to be perfect.  So can’t complain about the service.

Once the accommodation was sorted out we made our way to the mini bus which arrived late and took us up to the doors of the show.  A good thing because it was tipping it down.

When we arrived everyone was busy on the stands and we flowed in with the other visitors collecting a meal ticket as we entered. Our hosts had been very generous and provided a wonderful dinner buffet on all of the 3 days.  And may I say that it was wonderful fare, not a quiche or sausage roll in sight.  Lol  More about the food later.

Before setting off from the UK I had contacted all the exhibitors and booked appointments with them for the two full days we were there.  Note to self get there for the first day next time.  As even with two days to cover the event you need more time.

The event was spacious, airy and very well light giving visitors a wonderfully comfortable event experience.  All too many trade shows are hot and oppressive due to the lighting required to illuminate the stands but this was most enjoyable from every angle.

I had booked right through the day leaving a slot for lunch.  We saw lots of people this first day and I made a nit of a faux pas by turning up at the California Exotics stand to speak to their CEO Susan Colvin late.

She pointed out to me that she thought the appointment should have been an hour earlier.  Bugger!  I checked my watch and guess who forgot to move the time forward an hour!  I could feel my face colour up as I apologised for my error.  Susan took it all in good taste and offered to see me properly in 30 minutes.


Good job she was my first appointment of the day.  And when we went back she was a really personable and knowledgeable about her products.  We got some good shots on the stand as you can see above and some great video footage which we will be posting up soon.  We were also promised a cock ring to take away the following day…let’s get filling that suitcase.  lol

I followed up a couple of other people scheduled in the diary and gave a wide birth to the ones which were selling copies of well k now brands I had booked in unseen.  Then went for lunch which consisted of a wide choice of salad options and chicken cooked in various ways and to follow a lovely panna cotta topped with fresh raspberries.  Nom!  The food was so good.

Now with appetites sated we made our way back in the main exhibition hall, what next…