Hot Lips

By | August 8, 2006

I have a confession to make, following my post about greying pubes the other day I had to do a little self exploration. With hand mirror in hand I climbed on to the bed, removed my thong and positioned the mirror between my legs. It had been a while since I last viewed my pussy from that angle.

I’m obviously well acquainted with my mons but rarely find it necessary to view my labia in all their glory. That’s Alex’s terrain, as he grooms Miss Kitty (Ana’s expression) for me on a regular basis. Well, he spends the most time between my legs so he gets to do the gardening. LOL

Fortunately, no grey hairs to report. Phew! But something which did catch my eye was my labia minora. They had a healthy pink colouration with a touch of mocha at the tips but not too dark. No, it wasn’t the colour, it was the left lip which caught my eye. It was longer than the right. OMG, I’m asymmetrical. Shock horror! It is about 0.5cm longer than the other side.

This means that when my labia majora are together my left lip sticks out a little. As Alex has described it to me in the past, it looks like I am sticking out my tongue. 😛 I think it looks kind of cute. But it made me think, does anyone else out there have one lip slightly bigger than the other?

On went the PC. I discovered that the females of certain Khoisan tribes of South Africa have long labia minora. These inner lips have been known to hang down as much as 4″ below the vulva when stood upright. In Africa large labia minora is considered beautiful and some women stretch them to enhance their looks.

In Western culture the mood is different and tends towards the more compact. Corrective surgery known as Labiaplasty is quite commonly sought by women who suffer as a result of having oversized labia minora. They can cause discomfort when engaging in cycling, horse riding, walking and exercising and the wearing of jeans or tight trousers, due to the chaffing which occurs. In some cases they can inhibit sexual intercourse.

More commonly labiaplasty is used within the porn industry to beautify the vaginal area by undertaking a lip reduction. It is believed that trimmed symmetrical lips are necessary accompaniments to their perfectly sculptured faces and silicone implants. Although the average male prefers just the opposite, claiming that he likes to be able to suck on a nice pair of pussy lips.

Speaking of nice lips, I came across this site on my travels. It offers a variety of large labia orientated information and some beautiful imagery. The sites creator had this to say about the site and I quote:

“this site is a celebration of this new era in the history of female sexual self-awareness. It marks the end of the labia shame and the beginning of an age where you as a woman can also be proud to be “endowed”.

I spent quite some time appreciatively taking in the atmosphere over here, and all I can say is Yum! 😉

So ladies I think the moral of this story is, embrace you lips. There is someone out there ready to give you a good tongue lashing. I found one, this guy even placed an add on Craig’s List to find a lady with large labia minora. Here is his add if you want to contact him.

Do you have a Large Labia?

I’m not sure how to say this without sounding like a freak, especially since you’re reading this on an online personals site. But, here’s the deal. I’m a young good-looking guy who has always been really turned on by the idea of going down on a girl/lady/woman with a large labia. Having something so soft and warm fill my mouth seems like heaven. I’m very respectful and good with my tongue and fingers. I know that for some reason a big loose vagina has a stigma and women might not be proud of such a thing, but if you have one and would like to meet up, perhaps you’ll see I’m just a regular funny guy who wants to make his fantasy come true.

Any ladies out there prepared to help him out?

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