Blogging For Sex’s Sake

By | October 22, 2012

On Back Black LatexWhen we set up this blog in 2005 we blogged for the sake of sex, well about sex, with the aim of expanding our sexuality and our awareness of sexual experiences those that we might want to experience. It’s been a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns along the way. It’s also been hard work, not something we are afraid of and definitely the reason we still enjoy blogging. Without the hard work and the creation of content in the form of text, images, audio and video there would be no satisfaction.

You see we believe that while sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are fun and have their place there is no substitute for genuine content producers. A lot of sites simply allow you to aggregate stuff you find from across the web into another place and stick your name at the top of it. It’s like watching a YouTube video created by a musical artists and that some user has uploaded, attached an intro title and closing title to then labelled as “Look what I made”. And yes I have actually seen that on the opening screen of a rock music video.

Pinterest and Tumblr are scrap books and while the latter can be used as a blogging platform too often it’s simply a way of presenting other’s work in your own scrapbook, often without attribution and saying “Look what I did!”.

This post wasn’t meant to be a post that criticised the online activities of others so I’ll stop there. What I will say is that we’ve been so very busy creating, promoting and expanding our other sites that it’s about time we started regularly blogging again on this site. And that’s what we intend to do, blog.

Remember blogging. It was that thing that came after diaries and before Facebook. The thing that personally got me reading again after years of simply trawling through technical manuals and watching TV. It gave me the platform and the inspiration to start writing in a way that I never had done before and it opened the door to the world of the adult industry to me and Suze.

Blogging has done so much for us that I think it’s time to give something back and on this blog return to true blogging again, documenting what we get up to day to day. Don’t worry we will not be telling you what we had for lunch but we will be giving you more of an insight into what we get up to when creating content for our other sites like SexToysBuzz, Himdulgence and A-Rouse.

Of course all of this will include a little naughtiness about ourselves too.

All this has been made possible because we’ve been working towards building the commercial side of our online activities to the point where it will support us both. I’ve now left my job and can devote much more time to our online, adult work. It’s still a hard slog, but can you think of anything more fun than making your living working in adult?

I thought not!