Not Looking at Pussy And Tits

By | November 1, 2012

Sam Bentley "I've Just Been Fucked Up The Ass"I just realised I have a skill that many men would find unbelievable. I can hold a conversation with a naked woman without feeling the need to look at her naughty bits. Really, it may be difficult to believe but it’s really true.

I’m not saying that I don’t look at naked ladies and enjoy what I’m looking at but for someone who gets as much nookie as I do I think it’s doubly remarkable that when I need to I can switch over to professional mode and not feel the need to cop a crafty peek at the odd nipple.

The reason is pretty obvious if you read back through our exploits. I’m exposed to porn, on DVD, online and quite literally in the flesh on porn shoots so naked flesh is nothing unusual. That doesn’t stop you being sexual, in fact quite the opposite but I let me put it like this. If you know the biscuit tin is always full you don’t have to worry about running out of biscuits.

Knowing that there is a never ending supply of sexy views to take in means that all that furtive peeking in an effort to get a crafty glance of a nipple that I would have indulged in as a kid isn’t necessary. It’s not just getting older, that never dampened my enthusiasm for consensual voyeurism – by which I mean that if you’re going to dress in a revealing and provocative way I feel it’s my duty to take notice of you, in the nicest possible way. It would be rude not to. No, like I said if you have an inexhaustible supply of biscuits you don’t need to eat them all at one sitting.

It makes for a more leisurely and enjoyable demeanour when it comes to savouring the visual delights that we see on set.

Now, you see the picture of Samantha Bentley I’ve inserted above. I was having lunch in the kitchen of the house where we were shooting and she came in like this. At the time it didn’t strike me as unusual, even when she said “I’m going to tweet that I’ve just been fucked up the ass”.

Funny what seems normal to me. LOL