School Teacher Making Gonzo Porn

By | October 7, 2008

Now when I was at school we never had trips quite like the one that a Shrewsbury school had in Portugal in April this year.

They were accompanied by Mr Clarkson who had previously been found by the General Teachers Union to have failed to apply or enforce a reasonable curfew for his pupils on a tennis training camp.

This very same teacher also was found to have permitted his pupils to consume excessive amounts of alcohol during the Easter school trip.

But, saving the best till last… he had allowed a pupil to have sex in his room during the trip to Portugal and not just that…he had filmed it.

He admitted at the hearing to having a hidden camera set up in his room but he didn’t mean to capture any meaningful images. What a load of crap!

Furthermore this guy is able to reapply to the teaching register after four years.

I don’t think I would trust him to teach my child. How about you?