A Fuck Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

By | October 7, 2008

One of the criticisms levelled against pornography is that it paints a picture of sexuality that is not representative of reality. To which I have to respond – No shit Sherlock!

Pornography’s function is to stimulate in the most direct and often un-subtle of manners. Erotica, be that words, pictures or moving images is a much more delicate instrument of arousal and as such is often seen as the more acceptable face of sexually motivated creativity. You’ll read how this or that piece of writing is a classic, not so for pornography.

There is of course good and bad pornography. To be more accurate there’s the good the bad and the plain ugly in porn. Good porn celebrates the beauty of the human body and its lust-filled instinctive quest for sexual gratification. Explicit does not have to mean grotesque, nor does it have to mean that one or more of those depicted is objectified in a manner that denigrates them.

Porn may be simplistic and single minded in it’s intention to fulfil, but that does not mean it without it’s own form of sophistication.

When pornography simply shows, or describes, a parade of sexual organs engaged in a procession of sexual acts it becomes bad porn. Once you’ve seen a few cocks and pussies seeing more is not in itself going to get you off. Good porn on the other hand will ensure that you are captivated by a scene, by the script (yes I know they’re usually crap), the scenario, or the costumes, and make you and your genitals sit up and take notice.

Ugly porn can illustrate just how dark the human mind can be, and how stupid, when any act that can be linked to a sexual encounter becomes fair game for a director with no conscience. In particular this sort of ugly pornography centres around activities where one or more of the participants is unable to give informed consent. As such it is both morally reprehensible and illegal.

Pornography, like erotic fiction, should allow you to live out your fantasies, even if they are unlikely to ever be fulfilled in real life. So long as what is depicted is legal and you understand that the pornography you consume does not represent the behaviour of adults in the real world I can’t see a problem. Believing that you can walk into a flat where two girls are engaged in sex, only to have them invite you (a stranger) to join them, displays that you have some issues when trying to engage in reality. But knowing that it is a fantasy, designed to get you off is another matter.