In The Smut Business

By | November 2, 2012

Couple Having SexIt’s easy to live I a bit of a bubble when you’re intensely interested and involved with e the work you do no matter what that work may be. I often wish I could come at the adult business again with a fresh pair of eyes because while Suze and I have vast experience of many aspects of the industry now there is nothing like the excitement of your first encounter with adult.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first toy review, first adult movie or first adult shoot the excitement and genuine honesty of your first impressions can’t be replicated. Of course you’re naïve and lacking in experience but that’s far from a problem, you don’t have any preconceptions to skew your views.

Of course you can’t become and adult industry virgin once you’ve started on your path in the industry but I do always love to hear the views of people who are new to the biz and see how they feel about an industry that I’ve become so deeply involved in.

The group of people who are all new to adult are young adults. They tend to be consumers of adult media and that in itself can be a problem due to pornography’s proliferation in so many unregulated channels on the Internet.

You can read more of my views on this over on A-Rouse in this article on what I think about educating young adults about pornography at school.