Hot And Twisted

By | November 4, 2012

Mind Fuck - Scarlett RevellWe do get to see some interesting stuff as part of our daily lives so it’s nice to find something that is a little out of the ordinary. One such unusual offering from the porn biz we received several weeks ago id “Mind Fuck”, a movie by a new director called Scarlett Revell.

Being a skin flick the premise of the movie is to get people naked and have them fuck each other’s brains out. But as many people have observed it’s not so much about the destination it’s the journey that makes the difference.

Some porn is simply an exercise in pointing a camera at a couple of performers and telling them to fuck. Not imaginative and increasingly less arousing as the only thing that changes is the faces of the performers. The noises are the same cliché grunts, groans and phrases, the positions are rarely imaginative and the scenarios if there is any semblance of story or motivation for the characters will stick to safe and ultimately boring templates.

Scarlett Revell’s Mind Fuck is one of those increasingly rare movies that attempts to create a framework inside which the sex takes place. It’s not going to win an Oscar, though the acting and concept of the production are above average for a porn movie. But what it does do is allow you to get involved in the mad and twisted world this new director attempts to create.

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