Cooking Up Some Fun In The Kitchen

By | October 8, 2008

I’m not sure if it is down to the time of year, dark nights and mornings and a drop in the temperature but I have started to become involved with cookery programs. As a result Alex has been tasting my fayre. Yes, I know he has been doing that for a while now. Lol

Saturday Kitchen is a must see on guess what…Saturday morning. Now I watch this show regularly but not for the recipes or the guest chefs who rustle up some very tasty dishes. But I would love to rustle something up with the presenter, James Martin. 😉

He is one tasty dish. As I watch naughty thoughts run through my head but I don’t stray from the subject, I imagine covering him in whipped cream and chocolate sauce and licking it off him. Yum!

But one program makes my mouth water more than any other and that is Nigella Express which is currently running on BBC2. This program has the perfect blend of delicious food and an even more delicious presenter. Nigella is intelligent, whitty, sexy, voluptuous with a wonderful pair of breasts, oh and I nearly forgot she is a great cook too.

I watch her program with my mouth watering and can never remember the recipes because she is too much of a distraction. 😉 So, on my Christmas list is her book so that I don’t have to keep logging on to her site for a recap of the ingredients and preparation instructions. Lol

She knows how to play to the cameras too, with her sideways glances and full-lipped pouts. I also think she has a naughty side to her, often making statements which allude to sex. Just my kind of lady.

I was watching her tonight and was suddenly stuck with a dilemma…who would I like to cook me dinner and who would I like to prepare my breakfast? 😉 I’m still running this round in my head as I write this because I don’t know! Only one could stay the night…

…Oh bugger it, they can both stay.

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