What Is A Designer Sex Toy?

By | November 13, 2012

Leaf Life VibratorAlthough we use the term quite a lot what does actually qualify as a designer sex toy?

Once upon a time it was quite easy because designer sex toys tended to be the most expensive sex toys on the market. To get anything other than a basic cock shaped vibrator you paid a premium. That has long since changed with mid-range sex toys that can be legitimately termed “designer”

I think the definition has to be a sex toy that has been created with a shape that owes as much to anatomical knowledge as an unusual shape. A good designer vibrator or any other designer sex toy should also be easier to use than its non-designer counterparts.

That being said there are no hard and fast rules that dictate what anyone defines as a designer sex toy because like taste the judgements about the shape function and controllability of a sex toy is quite subject.

So here are a few sex toys that I think can be justifiably termed “designer” and some that despite the manufacturers best efforts are not.

Jimmy Jane have been producing designer sex toy for years and their latest JimmyJane Form 6 is the third incarnation of that toy, each model incorporating new changes to enhance this famous designer vibrator. This shows several things about good sex toys but primarily that a good sex toy will sell year after years despite all the new designs that would try to oust it and that no design is perfect even in the best sex toy.

Jimmy Jane have expanded their range and if you want find out more about them you can read our reviews here.

Lelo sex toys are undoubtedly designer sex toys and have a distinctive look. Like Jimmy Jane the design and features of the sex toys have changed and evolved with more power, more functions and subtle changes in shape and configuration. Reviews of the whole range of Lelo Designer Sex toys can be read here but if you want a specific example of how these premium pleasure objects have evolved this review of The Lelo Ina 2 illustrates it perfectly.

Lelo also produce the cheaper and not quite so well manufactured range Pico Bong sex toys. PicoBong sex toys are a great range of reasonably priced toys but don’t expect the range of functions or quality feel of the Lelo products.

In Germany the company Fun Factory make designer sex toys fun for all with toys that combine high quality materials with design know-how and cartoon characters. It’s not all about humour as their latest revolutionary vibe makes clear. The Stronic Eins is the first thrusting vibrator to make use of a reciprocating internal mechanism along with its vibrations for a very realistic penetrative experience.

We-Vibe made their name producing one of the best couple’s vibrators you can buy. Now in its third incarnation and sporting inductive charging and remote control the We-Vibe has always had an attractive shape and I suppose could be termed “designer”. However their latest offering, the We-Vibe Thrill is what I’d think of as their first true designer offering. It’s attractive to look at and effective to use (so I’m told). However We-Vibe have produced a couple of toys that don’t really stand out and you’d be forgiven for not even noticing if it wasn’t for the We-Vibe name. One is the Tango, a perfectly serviceable but unremarkable bullet vibrator. Then there’s the We-Vibe Touch a mons hugging vibrator that works fine but doesn’t inspire lyrical descriptions from reviewers.

Leaf Vibrators are a range of rechargeable, waterproof, organically shaped silicone  sex toys that might be worth a look if you like vibes that don’t look like vibrators. They make great beginner, external vibrators that can be used almost anywhere and look fresh and appealing.

So sex toy manufacturers, what you all going to design next.