Fucking At Thirty Thousand Feet

By | October 8, 2008

A few days ago I wrote this story about a transatlantic flight to remember. It was of course a fantasy. I’ve never been in anything above economy class, LOL. Even as a fantasy I set the story in a scenario where the two protagonists had privacy and weren’t observed by others.

The fact is that there are some places that porn simply isn’t appropriate, as reported by this story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Catholic News Agency reports here¬†that an organisation called “Girls Against Pornography” is lobbying American airlines for filters on its in-flight Internet services. (The GAP site is slow so you might have to wait a while)

I’m all for free access to porn, but only by people who are old enough to view it and when doing so will not expose others to it. It’s a matter of personal choice, not for the person who wants to look at pornography but for those who may be exposed to it when they didn’t seek it out.

Why anyone would want to sit on an aircraft browsing porn amongst complete strangers, and possibly young children is beyond me. Anyone on the flight would be able to observe their surfing. The vast majority of people of course wouldn’t do anything that stupid because of a combination of common sense and respect for the rights of others not to have such images thrust upon them.

The problem is there are always some people who would. So despite running several adult themed sites, in this specific instance, I have to agree with the GAP girls.

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