Quick Cut Clit Pics?

By | November 26, 2012

Porn Thru The LensI watched an interesting programme on iPlayer today. It was the Click technology magazine on the BBC. The first half of the show was about how there is concern that TV actually rewires the brains of very young kids because they are very receptive to it. Specifically they are more attracted to programmes with a lot of cuts – i.e. the sort of style that is very in-vogue at the moment.

What seems to happen is that if kids are exposed to this sort of stimulation from their TV they tend to seek it out in later life, leading to them looking to the TV for entertainment and stimulation in general but more specifically making them more inclined to play computer games.

You would think this was a simple learned behaviour but if the research is correct it is an actual change in the way your mind works, specifically the way in which the reward chemical dopamine is generated. This has very serious implications because dopamine is heavily involved with all sorts of addictive behaviours and if your brain has been changed to desire and expect a certain stimulus it might be difficult to wean yourself away from TV or video games.

It has implication for programme makers too. If a generation of kids grows up to expect rapid cuts and short shots in TV programmes traditional editing might go out of the window to be replaced by a constant stream of programmes that look like music videos.

This affects all content from drama to pornography. You knew I’d get there eventually LOL

Will porn start to cater for this sort of audience? I hope not because I like a nice build-up with long relaxed shots and lots of lingering images of the hard core action. I have to admit that I did like this movie, “Hell Is Where The Party Is” but even with its music video-like editing and production it held the attention by humour, nice camera work and some great performances. The edit emphasised the quick-cuts but then returned to a more traditional format as the scenes progressed.

The nightmare for mainstream TV and pornography is if all output descends into a series of snapshots, a staccato series of tableaus that is more like flipping through the Instagram account of a customer at a pole dancing club than an erotic film.

Am I getting a bit set in my ways? I don’t think so as I’m open to new ideas but new doesn’t necessarily mean good and after all I know what I like!