Games Not To Play On Christmas Day With The Family

By | November 28, 2012

Tease GameAs a sort of public service announcement I thought I’d help you all out by mentioning a few games that you shouldn’t pull out of the cupboard when things get a bit boring on the TV when you and your family are sat round digesting the Christmas lunch.

The Monogamy Game

This venerable member of the adult game pantheon is the first sex game we ever reviewed, and it’s been around since 2002. At ten years old you might think it would have given way to something new but far from it the game is still going strong.

It now has an add-on pack containing a paddle, bullet vibe, massage candle “tie-me-up” ribbon and new cards. We haven’t seen that, perhaps we ought to get hold of one so we can tell you what it’s like?

Monogamy also has a range of sensual massage candles that you can buy separately too, to use with or without the game.

Anyway our review of the Original Monogamy Board Game is here.

Love Or Lust Game

The same people who brought us Monogamy also do a new product called “Love Or Lust Game”. We haven’t played this one but the manufacturers say this:

Do you prefer Love or Lust? Learn about your lover’s likes, loves and lusts in this fast-paced game of sexual trivia and foreplay. The Love Cards focus on intimacies you share or can share with your lover and Lust Cards offer trivia and unique love-making ideas that you later act out.

Definitely not an alternative to watching “The Great Escape” if the family are round, stick to scrabble.

However, once they have gone home … that’s an altogether different matter.

Risky Or Frisky

Here’s a game that you might, just might have got out of the cupboard because you mistook it for a more family friendly board game. Originally call Sexopoly, “Risky or Frisky” fell foul of the lawyers employed to protect the trademark at Hasbro the current owners of the game.

In response to Hasbro’s legal team’s no doubt strongly worded letter they changed the name to “Risky or Frisky”, taking it from the name of the stacks of cards you use to play the game. If you check out some smaller sex shops you can still find a few of the original Sexopoly games on the shelves. Maybe you should buy them as collectors items or put them on Ebay and see if you can make a few quid!

Here’s our Risky or Frisky game review over on Sex Toys Buzz.

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XXX Truth or Dare Game

This is a game that needs you to be very happy to get naked and naughty with a group of adventurous friends. You can read our review of it over on Sex Toys Buzz.

We were given a set of add-in cards by the UK distributor of the game recently but haven’t tried them out yet. Until then you can familiarise yourself with the gameplay by reading the XXX Truth or Dare Game review over here.


Tease Game

Tease is the latest game we reviewed and it’s not about telling granddad he has a big nose.

It’s a pin-up styled game that requires you to be in the company of very close and open minded friends. It’s a really daring game in its scope and the range of activities that you are required to engage in so not for the shy.

To decide if it’s a game that you and your partner, perhaps plus a few friends, might want to play between Christmas and New Year when you’ve got rid of the family then you can read our Tease Game Review here.