Looking Forward To Christmas And Sex

By | December 1, 2012

Christmas And SexI think I just started looking forward to Christmas, but not to having the family round, though that’s great or to the interesting search phrases that start to appear in our websites’ stats – “Santa sex” and “Sexy elves” being a couple of examples that spring to mind.

No, it’s the sex.

You work hard all year and the only time we seem to travel at the moment is on business, not on holiday. And let’s face it, when you have your own business you tend to work, even when you’re sipping Chianti by the pool. Yes it’s sad I know.

We get plenty of sex, great sex, but Christmas is a unique time for us that seems to give us the excuse to sleep in and live off left-overs for a few days, therefore freeing us from the drudgery of actually cooking much. And when the TV is showing the cheaper re-runs between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve there’s not much else to do.

He he he!

The time between Christmas and New Year is for us a few days where we can snuggle up do rather less than we normally do. OK, so we might test a few sex toys but it’s more for fun than necessity. So although it means we can get down the stack of un-tested toys it’s hardly a chore.

The magic only ends when we perhaps have to venture out for supplies or get invited out to a party – damn these social events LOL

Anyway, if you get bored we’ll make sure there’s something naughty on here for you to read and stuff on our other sites too. And if we find any Christmas related filth we’ll be sure to point you in that direction.