Fucking Up, Down, Around And Around

By | October 8, 2008

I like a good hard rogering just as much as any girl. Nothing quite like feeling him slamming against your ass as you assume the position on all fours. Deep satisfying penetration and excellent g-spot stimulation all in one.

Bucking against his pubis as he drives into you increases the intensity and extent of entry. Sometimes I can feel Alex bounce off my cervix as his hard cock pushes within my pink, moist sex.

I’m able to achieve multiple orgasms so for me sex is prolonged and can best be described as riding a wave, with the up’s and down’s of orgasmic pleasure.

Being animated in bed is essential for me, I’m not a lie back and think of England kind of girl. I like to give as good as I take and take and… You get the picture. I bet you already worked out that I’m like that from reading me. 😉

When it comes to a little masturbatory pleasure I usually take out my favourite rabbit vibe and play with the controls until I find a setting that fits my mood. But I don’t particularly fuck myself with it in terms of moving it in and out of my pussy, simulating the act.

I think the reason I don’t ram it in and out of my fanny is because it is an awkward movement to make and may result in RSI. Lol. Try explaining that one to your GP. But today the problem was solved when I stumbled across this sex toy http://www.fantasyglide.com/pd_double.cfm

The Fantasy Glide can be used upright or laying down and looks fantastically satisfying. It’s one I would love to try out, simple but effective design. It could have been designed by a girl. 😉

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