New Gym Fresh Sin

By | December 6, 2012

Gym Push-upsToday was my first visit to my new gym.  It’s not quit on the same scale as my old one but has everything I use in my routine.   Will be keeping it to myself if I see any of my old  gym buddies because they really couldn’t accommodate them all without queues forming.

The female proprietor is very approachable and is a PT herself, she reminds me very much of a young lady I met at the ETO Show called Jacqui.  As Alex pointed out today after our first visit she would also make a good Domme as he worked out next to her and the guy or should I say sub she was training.  Lol

I have just one criticism to make and that is that the gym isn’t very brightly light and as a result makes you feel lethargic rather than ready to work your butt off.  Despite this I did my full routine and enjoyed it thoroughly.

After years of visiting a gym whose equipment was in a state of poor maintenance it was nice to be able to ride a bike which didn’t clunk every time the wheels went round and row on a machine which was smooth.

She even turned up the music when we arrived, what more could we ask.

In a way I’m going to feel guilty when the next 2 months has passed and I return to my old gym which will have been fully refurbed by its new owners but I do like my comforts and TV screens.

But for now I’m enjoying the pleasant change and hope I may be bumping in to my hot nail technician at some point.  😉