Two Weeks Of Naughtiness

By | December 20, 2012

Snogging CoupleToday is the last day I have to work on-site at a client, after that I’m back at home until the New Year and that means nearly two weeks of naughtiness.

There are a couple of things that will get in the way of course, the first being that I will never truly stop working, we keep getting orders, which is great and it’s the sort of work I can do around the Christmas festivities. The other issue is of course that perennial problem, having to keep the house porn-free.

However as this is my last day of having to find my way through the rush hour traffic morning and night my spirits are rising. Even the thought of having to put a few hours in over the Christmas break and the regular porn sweeps to purge the house of adult DVDs and sex toys aren’t going to stop me from being happy today.

Next year should be fun. There’s loads of new and exciting stuff as usual. 2012  has been a good year to us, 2013 will be even better.