Sex Toys to Heat Up Your Winter

By | December 27, 2012

Couple Having SexWinter is here and you still haven’t finished shopping, the presents aren’t wrapped, you still have to buy a ham and clean your house. It’s a stressful time, made even more stressful by the fact that you have to think of the perfect gift for your partner. You want to get them something useful, but thoughtful and from the heart. You want to them something they would enjoy, appreciate and even think of you when they use it. And you want to give them something that they’ve never received as a gift before. That’s a tough one, but don’t worry, I’ve got a great Adam and Eve inspired list for you. Pick up your special someone any of these gifts and watch as it lights up their day and warms them up whatever the weather outside.

Tongue Vibe.

This toy is great for everyone, men and women alike. This vibrator simply slips on your tongue and allows you to give your partner out of this world oral sex. Conveniently packed with a blue and pink one, there can one for the both of you. These are great for traveling, as they are small, undetectable by TSA and quiet so your other travel mates won’t know what’s going on. As for your partner, well I can’t speak to their quietness. The vibrators come with extra batteries and even glow in the dark. Throw a pack of tongue vibrators into your partners stocking this year.

Fantasy Web Restraint.

Do you have a lover that’s into bondage? Have you already explored with an under-the-bed restraint? If so, check out this web restraint. This system straps underneath your bed too, but has a web of hand cuffs on the top allowing for one or both of you to be tied up at the same time. Use this baby to tangle your lover up into knots or to get yourself twisted together. The Fantasy Web comes with padded cuffs to make sure that your partner is tied down, but also comfortable. This toy is also super easy to travel with and would be a great companion on any vacation.

Nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps are commonly seen as an intense toy, but they can actually be very fun and pleasurable for the wearer and you don’t have to stick to the typical metal kind. Nipple clamps are fun for men and women and look great on everyone. You can get them chained together or separated or even with a vibrating component. Get a nipple sucker or erector set if your partner is really into nipple play.

Anal beads.

Do you have a boo that’s into all sides of sexual play? A partner who can’t be sated? If so, it just might be time for the two of you to explore anal beads. These toys are great for someone who also wants to try anal, because you can slowly work up to more and more. Just combine these beads with your favorite lube, relax and watch the fun unfold. Be sure to get a set that is made of body safe materials and ones that are waterproof, that way you’ll be able to clean them properly and take them into the shower or wherever your heart desires.

Sex Toy Kit.

Don’t want to have to make a choice or to limit your partner’s pleasure? Get a comprehensive sex toy kit like this one. This kit is guaranteed to give you both a great time. Wonderful for solo and partner play, this kit has a toy for every need and desire. Get this kit for the toy enthusiast in your life or even for the beginner who doesn’t know what they want.
Any of these toys will surely surprise and delight your partner this holiday season, so give them the gift that will keep on giving all year long.