Sarah Palin Porn Movie

By | October 9, 2008

It’s rumoured that Hustler is in pre-production of a movie featuring a Sarah Palin look-alike recruited via Craig’s List. Neither of the two relevant points in that previous sentence surprise me.

Firstly, somebody, somewhere is going to make porn about a person or subject, whatever or whoever that subject might be. Secondly Craig’s list, a site that I have browsed once for a total of about 45 seconds, seems to be the source of some of the most bizarre procurements.

Of course neither the production of a film of this type, or the identification of a suitable performer would be possible without the Internet. Certainly not at the speed required by today’s media. It’s quite feasible that by the time any move is made, if it is ever made, it will be delivered via the Internet too and never be pressed into a DVD.

Nor would you be able to spread rumours quite as fast either. Hustler are not responding to queries about this particular production …

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