Deep Throat For Divas To Go-Go

By | October 10, 2008

Linda LovelaceOpening 18 October 2008 at The Hayworth Theater in LA, “Lovelace” the musical story of Linda Lovelace is bound to be a hit. Even if only for the curious in the audience who want to know how you turn the story of one of the most famous porn stars ever into a stage production.

It’s billed as a rock opera. But Tommy was never like this. The musical was written by Anna Waronker and Charlotte Caffey. Caffey was a founding member of The Go-Gos, maybe Belinda Carlisle will be there on the opening night to lend her support?

Any stage production or movie with a controversial theme is bound to attract publicity, some of it negative. But then as there’s no such thing as bad publicity when what counts is getting bums on seats the producers of this particular show could have hit on the perfect theme.

You never know, in a few years time you may find opera stars fighting over the lead roll.

If you can’t wait until the 18th there are apparently previews 11, 12, 16 and 17 October. More information from The Hayworth Theater.

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