My Top 10 Pleasure Products Of 2012

By | January 5, 2013

brunette wearing a strap-onI thought I was going to find this quite challenging, to compile a list of my favourite products from last year but I only had to look back through my reviews and my selection jumped out at me.

Because I restricted my selection to just 10 there are of course ones which I would have liked to include but I didn’t want to make the list too long.  There is no doubt from the extensive strong candidates for inclusion that last year was a good year for new adult products and I made sure I got my hands on most of them.  ;)

Now I have my Top 10 I have the unenviable task of putting them in to order when they are so varied and provide pleasure in so many different ways so I won’t put myself through that ordeal. Ha!

So, in no particular order…

I couldn’t make a list without including a Swan vibrator, a range of products produced by the makers of the Power Bullet, The BMS Factory in Canada.  Don’t let anyone try telling you that Canadians are boring and don’t know how to have fun.  ;)

My selection from the range I have tried so far is the Silhouette because it’s a fantastic g-spotting vibrator which fits me like it had been made for me.

Because I love a bit of kink I have to include something from the many quality bondage and restraint collections out there.  And one of the best in terms of style, comfort and practicality is the OUCH! Range.

These handcuffs work on two levels, they restrain and they are also bloody comfortable to wear.  Who said that bondage has to hurt?  There’s not chaffing or cutting with these quality handcuffs.  Instead what you do get is the ability to restrain your partner without the discomfort of metal cuffs which can be uncomfortable to use.

When it comes to fun, Shiri Zinn knows how to bring it to you with her range of quirky range of designer products.  Who else would dream of incorporating a soft plume on the end of a vibrator?  She’s a graduate of St Martins and it shows in her designs which aren’t bound by the constraints of practicality.

Her latest vibratory concept is the Cupcake and I love it!  It looks just like an iced cupcake complete with cherry and sitting in a red polka dot case.  This wouldn’t look out of place sitting on your coffee table with a range of other delicious treats.

I keep saying I will have to visit our local café which produces some wonderful fare and see if I could get away with placing amongst their delicious bites.  Lol

One of the first “designer” vibrators I had the opportunity to review was a Jimmyjane, they are synonymous with quality of build and design.  They have been a firm favourite of mine for years because their products go on and on.

In particular the Jimmyjane Form 6 with its dual motors rocked my boat when I first tried it.  So when they mailed me and asked if I would like to try the G3 next generation how could I resist.  ;)

This one certainly deserves a place on my list.

I was a little sceptical when I first saw this product on the stand at a trade fair in Germany.  In fact right up to the point where I tested and reviewed it.

It’s been a while since their groundbreaking We-Vibe couples’ vibrator hit the stands and I’ve been waiting for something equally as innovative.

The We-Vibe Thrill was the toy I had been waiting for them to produce and made it to my bedside draw.

Another product I had the pleasure of testing many moons ago was the Lelo Ina.  At the time my only fault with this wonderful rabbit was that the clitoral stimulator was too firm, which made it slightly uncomfortable to use.

Lelo like all good companies must have taken this onboard and they came back with the Lelo Ina 2 which had a soft clitoral stimulator which was easier to manipulate to fit.  Perfect!

I haven’t seen anything new from this company for a while, let’s hope they are working on something new to pleasure us all.

It took me a while to source my first JeJoue product but it was worth it, again this company have come up with some wonderful product concepts.

The JeJoue Fifi was their first attempt at a rabbit vibrator and a success too.  Instead of featuring a single clitoral stimulator they decided to give you 2 flexing and powerful prongs which are very effective.

This next vibrator blew me away when I visited the eroFame show in Germany last year because I have seen nothing like it in terms of technology.

I’ve loved Fun Factory since the day I first saw their products at yet another trade event and I’ve enjoyed testing them all.

In many ways this company were at the forefront of product design and development with many lesser brands snapping at their heels. I feared that with so many new silicone toys appearing they might become just another manufacturer but …

The Stronic Eins was laid on the display just begging for me to turn it on and when I did I was blown away.  Unlike other “thrusting” vibrators this one did actually have the real life thrusting motion.  Don’t ask me how they create this but it’s bloody good.

And as such deserves a place on this list.

Returning back to BDSM & Kink the Eymalis L’Exquis is a meld of both vibrator and electrostim technology.  At first I thought it was a bit too quirky and wondered how comfortable a vibrator which emits an electrical pulse would be.

I’m pleased to say that I was delighted with it, the vibrator is great for g-spot play and the electrical side (which operates independently) is good too.  It feels strange when you first start using it but then it feels quite naughty as you feel your pelvic floor rise and fall along with the stimuli.

No honestly it does.

This product is two rolled in to one, it’s a fully working vibrator with g-spot stimulation and a pelvic floor exerciser (TENS machine).  For the techno buffs amongst you it’s a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand what it means just put in the box marked “That’s the science bit” and enjoy it.  Lol

A brand new Chinese company stole the floor this year with their affordable but functional range of products which sometimes reflect designs from other known brands out there.  But sh!  There are so many which do these days.

Odeco have produced some really good products in the last year and I hope to see them around in this one.

I was particularly taken with the compact and powerful Odeco Cupid vibrator which is rechargeable and waterproof all for a price which suits the pocket.

So here’s to an equally successful 2013!