Is It A Beaver Or A Badger?

By | August 4, 2006

Today if you haven’t already guessed I want to venture in to the pubic region. I’m just such a naughty girl and you can spank me for it later. πŸ˜‰ Whilst taking a shower and foaming up my well trimmed (thanks Alex) bush, it occurred to me that one day my little pussy is going to turn grey. I know, shock horror!

Now will this happen slowly over time or will I wake one morning and wonder what happened to my pubes they look more like a badger than a beaver. LOL Or will I be bothered at all, after all I have spent lots of money and time on hair removing products. Ouch! And now they are grey they are almost invisible.

Would I be able to get away with a quick trim and pretending the ones on my inner thigh are really my fur trimmed panties. πŸ™‚ Will they start to thin out because that would be a blessing, less for Alex to get caught in his teeth. They certainly wouldn’t be missed. LOL

A few years ago I used to know a woman who plucked the grey ones out of her box as they grew in. She even kept a pair of tweezers on the back of the toilet cistern for this purpose. She would sit on the toilet and when she spotted one out would come the tweezers. That sounds just a wee bit too painful to me.

One way to deal with it is I suppose to remove it completely or if you are a little more adventurous you could dye it. Don’t laugh. It’s not advised but if you are careful it is possible and I have read the results can be good. I suppose the main rule to apply is, select the correct colour for the job. If you are a brunette don’t go out and buy black hair colour, you aren’t Elvis and very few individuals have naturally black hair.

If like me, you don’t want to grow old gracefully (that’s for men. Only kidding. :D) I picked up these tips on the internet for successful pubes dying.

  • Choose a colour one shade darker than the hair on your head, pubic hair is slightly darker.
  • Always carry out a sensitivity test on a small patch of skin prior to using the hair colourant.
  • Cover sensitive areas with petroleum jelly to protect them from irritation and dyeing. After all you don’t want to dye your cock, a stripy one can look a little odd but could attract some attention. πŸ˜€

The first time you colour your pubes 10-20 mins should be sufficient development time, thereafter leave on for 20-30 mins.

It may be a good idea to pack your pussy lips with greased cotton balls to avoid seepage.

Or if all that seem far too much trouble, you can always invest in a merkin. What, you don’t know what one of those is. It’s a pubic wig, don’t laugh it’s true. This is one of the pubic wigs which you can purchase for Β£150 including glue and fitting instructions. Glue, ouch! Available from Merkin World

They have several designs for you to choose from or alternatively they will make you a personalised merkin made from your very own design. Maybe I could invest in one for the future with AlexSuze on it…

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