Hairdressing And Sex Therapy

By | January 25, 2013

Hand In PantiesI go to have my nails done every 3 weeks, it’s one of my indulgences, a treat for my hard work.  The nail bar is part of a large hair salon and takes up one end of the room.

This means that I get to hear the conversations which take place between the stylists and their clients which helps the time pass as I am usually in there for about 1 ½ hours.

Providing the music isn’t up too loud I can usually hear the conversations which can be tedious but a distraction.  But the one I overheard the last time I visited made my ears prick up.

The first words I heard were “I’ve had to be a councillor to my friend today”.  Oh yes, I thought, hanging on her words waiting to find out exactly what she had been doing.

“She’s been having problems in the bedroom”  she went on.

At this point the hairdresser’s ears pricked up too, being used to having tawdry conversations about peoples holidays and family.  Urging her on the woman went on to explain that the husband wasn’t able to keep up the action any more and her friend’s desires and needs weren’t being properly attended to.

I leant over to my left in the chair I was sitting in drying my nails to hear more of the conversation.

The hairdresser then proffered some advice.  “You should get her to buy a vibrator.   You can buy them online now to avoid the embarrassment of going in to a shop”.  And the customer said” I will suggest that to her when I call her later today.”

She then went on to say that she had advised her friend that things in the bedroom are never going to be like they were years ago when they first met.  That it is physically impossible for the guy to be that man from all those years ago.

At this point I really wanted to step up to them and advise on sex toys they would find useful not just solo but together.

Suddenly my eavesdropping opportunity was taken away from me as the music changed to a louder band and their words were drowned out.

So next time you are in the hair salon remember that your hairdresser just doesn’t do hair.  lol