Busty Foursome And A Little Thai

By | October 11, 2008

Well tonight is the night, it seems to have taken forever to arrive and I’m soooo excited! We will be leaving soon to go over for dinner at Busty’s house with her and he boyfriend. It will be a treat in all respects, Alex and I haven’t been on a night out in ages let alone in such gorgeous company. She’s making Thai.

I’m taking over a few bottles of wine but I will have to be careful not to over indulge or I may just end up making a pass at her. It just occurred to me she may be the one who ends up making the passes! I’ve never been on a night out with her, she could be a little raver when she has had a few glasses of red. 😉

I can live in hope can’t I?

In case things are a little slow at warming up I’m taking over a couple of party games. It’s at times like these you wish you had invested in purchasing Twister. Lol I would have loved to have played that with her.

Right, I’m off, have a great evening and I will try my hardest to have some fun with that hot blonde. I will fill you in on all the detail later. 😉