An Evening With Busty’s Boobs

By | October 12, 2008

AlexSuzeEventually we managed to find Busty’s house after driving past street after street fearing that we may have missed it due to parked cars, people and bad lighting.

We knocked on the door and she let us in to the light, it was dark outside but still mild. Her house was lovely. It was warm and friendly…can a house seem friendly? Anyway that is exactly what it was.

She looked beautiful, very little makeup just enough to emphasize her eyes and her lips and her wonderful boobs. 😉 They were clearly visible over the low neckline of her spangly girly top.

Her boyfriend seemed like a nice guy but he was very quiet over the meal. We ate a combination of Tai and Chinese and it was delicious. Busty was as she always is, a great entertainer, she kept the conversation flowing and because I was sat to one side of her I also got a great view of he cleavage. 😉

Unfortunately she didn’t quite let herself go and remained what appeared to be sober all evening. I on the other hand consumed quite a few glasses of red and was a wee bit pissed by the end of the evening.

Good job Alex drove us home because we got in at about 1.30am this morning and I threw my clothes off on to the floor and must have fell asleep immediately my head hit the pillow.

It was a great evening, shame Busty didn’t get a bit more familiar with me. But it was our first night together out of work and last night may have served to break the ice.

Next time she is coming over to mine!