From Feta To Pastrami

By | February 2, 2013

Valentina NappiThe title of this post adequately describes my foray in to booking a Summer vacation.  It’s a while since Alex and I went on holiday, it was in fact Tuscany in 2010.  So although we are very careful about how we spend our money we both felt the need for a break somewhere nice this year.

Question was, where?

It was all too easy to opt for another break in Italy, we both loved it, the food and the people.  But at the same time there are so many other places to visit.  I had Greece and Turkey in reserve, never visited either.

We decided to go and see a tour operator and see if they could make a suggestion which would entice us to book.  Well I must say we probably got one of the worst tour operators to sit down with.  I approached her desk as it was the first one which was vacant and proceeded to sit down.

She didn’t acknowledge me for at least 5 minutes then said I won’t be a moment, at which point I asked if I should go and find someone who wasn’t busy.  Eventually she smartened up and brought us a handful of brochures.

Then we looked at the prices for a quiet, potentially villa holiday for the two of us and our jaws dropped.  It was a ridiculous amount as most villas are made to accommodate a family.  We were obviously spoilt on our Tuscan holiday.  It was a villa new to the market and you got a car thrown if with it for much less.

So we decided to look at something more exotic if we were going to have to fork out that much.  Eventually deciding to take some USA brochures with us.  Something we had never considered doing before, obviously based on costs.  But as it looked like nothing quiet and away from the tourist traps was going to be available at a reasonable cost why not look at going to the States.

Italy was always a firm favourite after our Tuscan break but when we got reading the brochures for the USA we couldn’t resist.

So, what did we go back and book?

A week in Summer staying in NYC!  We are both so excited, I will be crossing the dates off my calendar from now until then.

Is it Summer yet?  lol